Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Frank Boyd Multiple Myeloma Story on CTV's W5

Left: Frank Boyd (now) Son and father (Below)

As many of you know I have not told my cancer story, but CTV's W 5 convinced me that it was the right thin to do.

I have a social conscience and I believe in the Canada's Medicare system, a system which in my youth I have written journalistic articles in defense of its importance and now it needs a champion.

Its importance in Canadian social life is like the last spike in our economy; we cannot allow it its fairness to be destroyed so the average Canadian must speak out. So on W5 I have come out in defense of Medicare for personal and national reasons.

I hope you'll tune in on W5 on CTV's network on Saturday March 27, 2010 (Eastern Time) at 7 pm and in the appropriate time slot across the nation.


Carol Westberg said...

Great Frank..I was wondering if they werre going to do anything with the story about the cost of drugs..Revlimid is covered out here now..but I know it is still a huge problem for you out there!!!
Gentle Hugs

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hello Frank, I will sure be watching tv on saturday, I am glad the powers that be have persuaded you to speak of your cancer experience and in defense of medicare, it isn't perfect, however it has seen me thru' some tests since my own diagnosis. I am forever grateful for the day I spotted your flyer at the hospital. thank you for being there, best regards Rae Johnston..

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hi Frank, It's Tara Cain. I just wanted to let you know I'll be watching in support! Keep on Keeping on, Tara

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Dear Frank:

We shall continue too pray for you in your struggle with this terrible disease. God will heal you if you just put your Faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

your sister in Jesus Christ,
Mrs. Sharon (Criss)-ONeil

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Thank you Frank for passing this story and site on, and for taking up the cause of spreading the word to give us all a greater insight. Knowing you makes it more real and gives us a knee jerk reaction. I concur that we do have a good heath care system and we do need to hold on to it. Already you have increased my knowledge on a subject that I know little about. I will pass this information on to the people in my list - locally and beyond.
Carolyn T.

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Dear Frank and friend,

You must be sure I will be watching W 5 / tomorrow at 7 p.m.
I did not know about your story , but I always sense that something was there something unspoken... Lately , i saw you leave the building and was asking myself some questions... What , why and where You were going so early in the morning and when I see you coming seem so more tired...but smiling always.
Being in some different troubles myself... I knew something was wrong..Now , I know.. Be brave , be a friend and don't be afraid to talk to me when you feel the need...
Best regards
a real friend in your building
Aimee Pecile Halifax.

Unknown said...

Hi Frank:

God has selected you as the spokes person to be the voice of many who can not articulate with your expertise. Many of us have lost love ones to this horrific ailment called cancer. Your story is one of many in our communities who are experiencing or going through some form of cancer. Even though our Health Care System is diversified and is now being implemented by other countries…. I pray that governments and other influential parties will not take your story lightly by implementing and enforcing new medical policies to subsidies or waive charges for medications cost incurred by you and others. God be with you and your family.

Bridget Williams

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hello Frank...It's been awhile since we have made contact.I will be watching W5 on Saturday and looking forward to hearing about you, your struggles and Multible Myeloma. I was thankful to you last year when I first wrote you concerning MM altho it ended up that my son Craig has POEMS Syndrome, and not Multible Myeloma. Would you believe he is still in hospital and has been now for 15 months. He is in the process of getting a stem cell transplant done. He has come a long way and is , like you, a FIGHTER..

God Bless you in your struggles,

Jean Lane

Myeloma Atlantic said...

To Bridgetwilliams43

Thank you Bridget Williams for you kind comments. Your concerns are my concerns. The W5 show will give you even further food for thought and I would like to know more about how cancer has affected your family I hope to see you soon.

Frank Boyd

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hi Frank
Somehow we lost contact .
I received the notice from Kay Johnston re your interview with W5 and I will tune in, Ever the activist, I am not surprised at your tenacity and strength,
Take care of yourself and perhaps we can connect again soon,

Lynn Jones

Myeloma Atlantic said...


Dear Frank,

What an amazing human being you are!!! I was deeply touched and moved by your courage to share your story tonight on W5 - a wonderful gift to ALL Canadians! You did a fantastic job!!!

I invited 200+ contacts via email to view the program, and hope that many did.

Watching the program, my husband was 'incredibly moved', not fully realizing the immensity of 'our challenge'. For that, I am grateful to you.

I will continue to pray for your healing Frank. I am so grateful to know you and to have you in my life.

Jill Lang Ward
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Carol Westberg said...

Dear did an awesome job on you interview with W-5. You are a very courageous myeloma Warrior and always held gently in my heart.
I too sent your notice out to my email list..I am sure you had a fantastic cheering section!
I hope and pray that by tomorrow Celgene grants you and Dan compassionate access to Revlimid and Thalidomide!
Take good care and know that you are a hero in many Myelomic's eyes!
Gentle Hugs...
Carol Westberg
Calgary, Alberta

Myeloma Atlantic said...

CTV program W5

Good evening Frank
I just went for a little walk to cool down after watching W5 tonight. I was saddened and angered by some of the comments made by the individuals employed by the drug companies. There was no feeling of compassion or empathy by any of them, including ms.Macdonald, our N>S health minister.
I appreciated very much your input to the program ,I know how hard that was for you to do. It is never easy making ones life open to the public. Thank you for doing so, as I think you have spoken for many of us.

regards Rae

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Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hi Frank
Well you did a fantastic job on W5. It was very touching to see you and know that you still have not gotten the drugs needed to fight this nasty disease. You are in my prayers and hope once again we will see each other. The last time was in Toronto at the conference. Take good care as we are all trying to fight this cancer. I'm sure you made an impact on many watching this program.
Love Lynn Hoffman of Melville Saskatchewan

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Dearest Frank,

I don’t know if you remember me, but we sat together at a Myeloma Canada event in Toronto one year.

I just watched the W5 program and I wanted to tell you what a great job you did. If this does not bring your and other Nova Scotians situation in the brightest light, I don’t know what will.

Please know that I am praying for you and your family.

Please keep in touch.


Myeloma Vancouver Group Leader

Me again. I just watched the program for the second time today.

I have also just fired off an email to your Minister and Celgene.

Whatever I hear, I’ll forward to you.


Myeloma Atlantic said...

Good morning Frank,

Of course, I would be pleased to have my remarks on your blog. Also, I received feedback from my friend Wendy who lives in Nova Scotia. I checked with her, and she approves of you posting her comments as well.

Wendy said "I watched in horror at the injustice of it all. Bravo to Frank for coming forward and telling his story. I can only imagine how painful it must have been for him."

On another note, I was wondering if you had received information about the conference “How Drugs Are Approved and Funded in Canada: What Every Patient Should Know”. It is being presented by the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders in 4 locations - Edmonton (March 26-27), Vancouver (April 9-10), Halifax (April 16-17) and Montreal (May 7-8). It would be great if you could attend. If you have not heard about it, let me know and I will forward the details.

Again, I'm very proud of you and your incredible spirit Frank. Keep shining your light and making a difference.

Be well,

"Never, never, never give up." ~ Winston Churchill

Myeloma Atlantic said...

I watched the program Frank and it was an eye opener for me. Thank you so much for using
your strength to do that not only for you but for all of us who have multiple myeloma. Please keep
me informed on any feedback from the program and how you are doing.

Myeloma Atlantic said...

Hi Frank
I met you at the Patient Advisory Board meeting in November 2008 in Toronto. I am a co leader
with the support group in London, Ontario.
I watched W5 last night and thought that you did a great job. It was very courageous of you do
tell your story. I am truly sorry that Revlimid is not covered by your province. That is a real
tragedy for all myeloma patients that need it. Dan Childerhose who was interviewed about his
issues with thalidomide is quite involved with our group. The price of these drugs is totally
Take care of yourself. I hope this issue gets resolved for you.

Ev McDowell

Anonymous said...

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